Estate Duty Records for Wills proved in the Consistory Episcopal Court of Wells,1805-11


The notes below were made from PRO film reference IR26/291.




Will No:                  96

Testator:               John KING of Wanstrow

Proved:                  27 May 1806

Estate:                   Under £100

Executrix:             Relict Eleanor KING

Legacies:              (1)   to son Roger KING, clock, best bed etc., pewter plates that was his mothers

                                (2)   to wife, residue


Will No:                  110

Testator:               WilliamCHISLETT of Beckington

Proved:                  3 Jul 1806

Estate:                   Under £2,000

Executrix:             Relict Elizabeth CHISLETT; power reserved to Giles HILL, the other Exor

Legacies:              to wife Elizabeth CHISLETT, the whole estate; after her death equal shares to Testor's two sons William CHISLETT and Henry CHISLETT


Will No:                  111

Testator:               William WISE Snr of Fromefield nr Frome

Proved:                  3 Jul1806

Estate:                   Under £100

Administratrix:    Relict Elizabeth ots Betty WISE, no Exor being named

Legacies:             (1)   to wife, £10 p.a. for life and the messuage that Dr CANDY lately occupied; after her death to son Thomas

                                (2)   to son Thomas WISE, house now occupied by Betty MILLETT and the part of the house and ground at Clink called Palmer

                                (3)   to dau Sarah MILLETT, three tenements late TILLY and the acre lying in common with the two acres of Rev. Mr IRELAND in Clink

                                (4)   to son William WISE, ground near Clink called Corrne [?] Close and two pieces of arable nr Oldford Hill late PHILLIPS, and the stable and milking barton William WEIGHT now occupies

                                (5)   to son Thomas WISE as Exor [sic] ground called Yearburys Heft and what is contained therein to pay my debts

                                (6)   to wife, the bed I now sleep on

                                (7)   to wife and three children, remainder of household goods


Will No:                  112

Testator:               John CHAPMAN of Frome Swd

Proved:                  3 Jul1806            

Estate:                   Under £600

Administrator:     son William CHAPMAN, Exor dying in Testor's lifetime

Legacies:             (1)   to son William CHAPMAN, leasehold estates after death of wife

                                (2)   to son William  CHAPMAN, £200

                                (3)   to nph John CHAPMAN, £10, wearing apparel and watch

                                (4)   to wife Betty, residue




Will No:                  375

Testator:               Richard CARPENTER of Frome Swd

Proved:                  4 Aug 1809

Estate:                   Under £200

Executors:            James CLACEE, Tollgatherer of Frome Swd, and William  MOORE, Hairdresser of Frome Swd

Legacies:             to Exors, free- and leasehold messuages in trust

-   to receive the rents for eight years (except the rent of the orchard and garden at the Leys mentioned below), pay Testor's debts, then equal shares to wife and children

-   Spring Paddock at Innox Hill for son William CARPENTER forever, subject to paying £10 to son John

-   dwelling house at the Leys with part of the garden in the occupation of Joseph WISE for son Benjamin CARPENTER forever, subject to paying son Thynne £10

-   dwelling house adjoining latter with part of the garden in the occupation of Thomas HOPKINS for my son Richard subject to paying £5 each to sons John and Thynne

-   dwelling house in Upper Leys in Frome occupied by John HAM and Richard TURK for Testor's four daus Mary CHURCHILL, Sarah PAYNE, Elizabeth CARPENTER and Lydia CAPRENTER

-   dwelling house at Clink to be sold if they think fit, else to fall into the residue

-   to wife and children, residue


Will No:                  377

Testator:               JosephPOPE of Marston Bigot

Proved:                  4 Aug 1809

Estate:                   Under £600

Executors:            Joseph POPE and William RABBITTS Snr of Frome Swd Woodlands

Legacies:             (1)   to dau Sarah MOORE, £70

                                (2)   to son John POPE, £70

                                (3)   to sons Joseph POPE and James POPE, the residue when James is 21

Duty:                      (1) – (2)  14s duty paid                       


Will No:                  399

Testator:               AnthonyBOURN of Beckington

Proved:                  19 Oct 1809

Estate:                   Under £100

Executrix:             Joan BOURN

Legacies:             to wife, residue; after her death freehold messuages to son John BOURN; £20 to be paid to dau Sarah BOURN