Estate Duty Records for Wills proved in the Consistory Archidiaconal Court of Wells,1805-11


The notes below are made from PRO film IR26/290.


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Will No:                  6

Testatrix:              Sarah TUCKER of Frome Swd

Proved:                  14 Mar 1805

Estate:                   Under £450

Executors:            William DREDGE, Maltster of Corsley, Wilts; James CLACEE of Frome Swd, Surveyor of Roads

Legacies:              (1)   to James DUNNING £15, shared interest in house and garden in Corsley, Wilts, occupied by Alexander CROSS

                                (2)   to Samuel DUNNING, my share in the house and garden at Corsley he now lives in

                                (3)   to Elizabeth DUNNING and her present children, my house and garden in her occupation

                                (4)   to Elizabeth DUNNING, the interest on £100 for life; after her death to her daughter Elizabeth WATTS or Elizabeth WATTS, infant d/o Elizabeth WATTS

                                (5)   Nathaniel DUNNING, 19 guineas at 25 interest [sic]

                                (6)   to Elizabeth WATTS, china etc.

                                (7)   to Samuel DUNNING, cuckoo clock

                                (8)   to Elizabeth w/o David DUNNING, bed etc.

                                (9)   to Elizabeth w/o David DUNNING, Elizabeth DUNNING Widow, Elizabeth WATTS, James DUNNING, Joseph DUNNING, Mary TUDGAY, Nathaniel DUNNING, Ann DUNNING, Solomon DUNNING and the Minor d/o James [illegible], residue

Observations:      Exor in trust for Elizabeth DUNNING and others DS [Descendant of a Sister]


Will No:                  7

Testator:               Henry FURFITT of Whatley

Proved:                  4 Apr 1805                         

Estate:                   Under £150

Executors:            James Anthony WICKHAM

Legacies:             to gch Henry and Harriet CHAPMAN, the whole estate when they reach 21; if they die sooner, to the ch/o Testor's daus Frances HORLER and Mary ?CHRISTIE


Will No:                  10

Testatrix:              Mary WILTSHIRE of Frome Swd

Proved:                  11 Apr 1805

Estate:                   Under £200

Executors:            Lydia ADLAM, Spinster

Legacies:              to Elizabeth ADLAM, the whole estate


Will No:                  13

Testator:               Thomas TUCK of Frome Swd

Proved:                  22 Apr 1805

Estate:                   Under £200

Executors:            James BAILEY of Naish's St, Frome, Shopkeeper

Legacies:              to James BAILEY, the whole estate


Will No:                  19

Testator:               Thomas JONES of Frome Swd

Proved:                  15 Apr 1805

Estate:                   Under £100

Executors:            John WAYLAND, Gent of Frome Swd; William HUMPRHIES, Cardmaker of Frome Swd

Legacies:              to wife, all effects for life; after her death to sons John Stevens JONES, James Ayres JONES and dau Martha Phillips JONES


Will No:                  28

Testatrix:              Sarah SCHNEIDER of Beckington

Proved:                  25 Jun 1805

Estate:                   Under £100

Executors:            Revd Henry SAINSBURY

Legacies:              to sis Martha BURNELL, the whole estate; after her death to Testx's three nieces


Will No:                  29

Testatrix:              Ann GIFFORD of Frome Swd

Proved:                  25 Jun 1805

Estate:                   Under £300

Executors:            John WAYLAND, James GIFFORD

Legacies:             (1)   to nph Samuel GREGORY and nce Hannah HARROLD, Testx's interest in insurance policies on the lives of Thomas DIBBINS and Joseph VINNEY

                                (2)   to bro John GREGORY, 1/5 of the residue; after his death to his children

                                (3)   to the children living of late bro Samuel GREGORY, of late sis Sarah ALLEN, of late sis Hannah NICHOLLS and to James GREGORY, residue

Duty:                       (2)   John GREGORY, duty paid


Will No:                  37

Testatrix:              Ann WHITCHURCH of Frome Swd

Proved:                  2 Jul 1805

Estate:                   Under £450

Executors:            Joseph BIGWOOD

Legacies:              (1)   to Thomas HALL of Frome Swd, cancellation of bond made at his marriage to Testx's dau Sarah

                                (2)   to gdau Ann HALL, £50

                                (3)   son Joseph BIGWOOD, residue


Will No:                  41

Testatrix:              Betty WEBLEY of Ford, Psh of Berkley

Proved:                  15 Jul 1805

Estate:                   Under £100 (insolvent estate)

Executors:            Nph John COWARD of Chapmanslade, Wilts, Clothier

Residue:                said John COWARD

Legacies:              (1)   to James WEBLEY, bed

                                (2)   to James COWARD, £20

                                (3)   to John COWARD, £20


Will No:                  43

Testator:               James PROVIS of Frome Swd

Proved:                  22 Jul 1805

Estate:                   Under £100

Executors:            Mary w/o John CULLEN

Legacies:              to children, whole estate


Will No:                  52

Testator:               George JOYCE of Cloford

Proved:                  25 Oct 1805

Estate:                   Under £100

Executors:            Nph George JOYCE of Cloford

Legacies:             (1)   to sis Sarah DERRICK…

                                (2)   George JOYCE of Cloford, residue


Will No:                  62

Testator:               John SHEPPARD of Whatley

Proved:                  2 Dec 1805

Estate:                   Under £100

Executors:            son John SHEPPARD,

Legacies:             (1)   to dau Betty BURGE, stock of hay

                                (2)   to wife, residue; after her death:

    -   to son John SHEPPARD, lands etc.

    -   to dau Betty BURGE, household goods


Will No:                  65

Testator:               William HUSSEY of Frome Swd

Proved:                  7 Dec 1805

Estate:                   Under £100

Executors:            wife Ann w/o Benjamin SIMS, late Ann HUSSEY, Widow

Legacies:              to said Ann SIMS, the whole estate; on her death to son William HUSSEY and dau Ann HUSSEY


Will No:                  67

Testator:               Joseph HAREBATTLE of Beckington

Proved:                  9 Dec 1805

Estate:                   Under £100

Executors:            Jane CROMWELL (late BRICE), w/o Edward CROMWELL

Legacies:              to Jane BRICE, whole estate




Will No:                  76

Testator:               William GRIST of Trudoxhill, Psh of Nunney

Proved:                  15 Jan 1806

Estate:                   Under £1500

Executors:            Levi WITCOMB of Millards Green House, Psh of Nunney; and Robert CANDY of Rumsey, Maltster

Legacies:              (1)   to sons William and John GRIST a close called Woodhays in Trudoxhill

                                (2)   to daus Mary BARBER and Susannah GALE, £150 each

                                (3)   to son Richard GRIST, £40

                                (4)   to dau Susannah GALE, £100

                                (5)   to dau Mary BARBER, £100

                                (6)   to son William GRIST, £100

                                (7)   to son John GRIST, £100

                                (8)   to Levi WITCOMB, a mortgage made to me by Robert PARSONS and John COOPER… my brother Joseph GRIST now in America on trust to pay to Mary GRIST [an annuity] and on her death to Fanny BARBER, Nancy BARBER, Charles BARBER, William GRIST, Mary GALE, to my sons Willliam, Richard and John GRIST

                                (9)   to son Richard GRIST, my Cyder mill etc.

                                (10)to children, residue


Will No:                  82

Testator:               John LACEY of Road

Proved:                  3 Mar 1806

Estate:                   Under £600

Executors:            wife Sarah LACEY

Legacies:              to wife and children, whole estate


Will No:                  100

Testator:               John HOLLWEY of Berkley

Proved:                  15 Mar 1806

Estate:                   Under £100

Executors:            Thomas SINGER of the Psh of Berkley; James SINGER of the Psh of Rodden

Legacies:             (1)   to Jacob and Michael MORGAN, ch/o Michael MORGAN, £30

                                (2)   to the other ch/o Michael MORGAN, £40

                                (3)   to Thomas HARRINGTON, £50

                                (4)   to Benjamin HARRINGTON and Michael MORGAN, residue

Duty:                      (1)   DS [Descendants of a Sister]

                                (3)   DS


Will No:                  108

Testator:               George MOON of Leigh on Mendip

Proved:                  4 Oct 1806

Estate:                   Under £200

Executors:            Relict Elizabeth MOON

Legacies:             (1)   to dau Martha MOON, £50

                                (2)   to dau Mary MOON, 3s per week

                                (3)   to wife Elizabeth MOON, residue


Will No:                  112

Testator:               William WISE, Private Soldier in 1st Regt of Foot Guards, of Frome Swd

Proved:                  4 Nov 1806

Estate:                   Under £100

Executors:            Sarah MILLETT w/o William MILLETT

Legacies:             to sis Sarah MILLETT w/o William MILLETT, the whole estate


Will No:                  114

Testator:               John TREASURE of Frome Swd

Proved:                  15 Nov 1806

Estate:                   Under £600

Executors:            John TUCK; power reserved to Samuel GREGORY

Legacies:             (1)   to wife, household goods etc.; after her death to be shared between his daus Ann, Elizabeth and Sophia

                                (2)   to three daus, furniture not chosen by his wife

                                (3)   to wife, interest on £90 and after her death the principal to be shared between all his children

                                (4)   to son, John silver watch

                                (5)   to my five children, residue, to be paid to son James and daus Elizabeth, and Sophia as soon as possible after my death, to dau Ann COWARD [details], to son John [details] as he is in HM service




Will No:                  124

Testator:               James POBJOY of Frome Swd

Proved:                  3 Feb 1807

Estate:                   Under £3,500

Executors:            Thomas HARRIS, William HUMPHRIES

Legacies:             (1)   to nph Samuel NEWPORT, 2 ac. arable near Gibbet Hill

                                (2)   to nce Mary NEWPORT, silver watch, chain and seal, wearing apparel, rings and ornaments of dress which belonged to my late wife

                                (3)   to nphs Thomas and Edward NEWPORT, my wearing apparel

                                (4) – (5)  to nphs Thomas and Edward NEWPORT and nce Mary NEWPORT, all my household goods, furniture, linen and plate

                                (6)   to nph Joseph HAWKINS, £100 12 mths after my death out of my freehold and leasehold estates

                                (7)   to nphs Thomas and Edward NEWPORT and nce Mary NEWPORT, my freehold estates subject to (6). If my nph Edward dies under 21, his share to the survivors; if after the death of all three, to their children at 21, rents and profits for their maintenance in the mean time. In default of issue attaining 21 to my next of kin.

                                (8)   to nphs Thomas and Edward NEWPORT and nce Mary NEWPORT, residue when my nph Edward is 21. If he dies under 21, to the survivors

Duty:                      (2)   Mary NEWPORT, DS [Descendant of a Sister] 1/3 household Junr [?], value £20, duty £16 15s 0d paid

                                (3)   Thomas NEWPORT, DS, ditto

                                (4)   Edward NEWPORT, DS, ditto

                                (6)   Joseph HAWKING, bro [sic], value £100, duty £2 10s 6d


Will No:                  134

Testator:               William QUANCE of Nunney

Proved:                  7 Mar 1807

Estate:                   Under £300

Executors:            Jane YEOMAN, Spinster

Legacies:             (1)   to James STEVENS, £25 to be apprenticed when he shall be of proper age

                                (2)   to Jane YEOMAN, residue


Will No:                  156

Testator:               Thomas BUTLER of Frome Swd

Proved:                  25 Jun 1807

Estate:                   Under £200

Executors:            Relict Mary BUTLER

Legacies:             (1)   to wife my house in Gentle St where I live to; after her death, to my son Thomas

                                (2)   to wife, residue

Notes:                    Wife to carry on the business for the benefit of the family


Will No:                  169

Testatrix:              Jane YEOMAN of Nunney

Proved:                  4 Jul 1807

Estate:                   Under £300

Executors:            Mary Williams BARTON w/o William BARTON

Legacies:             1)    to sis Mary Williams BARTON, right in the house I live in etc.

                                2)    to nce Sarah Williams BARTON, £200 at 21; if she dies sooner, to nce Mary Williams BARTON


Will No:                  179

Testator:               Joseph LACEY of Frome Swd

Proved:                  8 Aug 1807

Estate:                   Under £200

Executors:            Richard GIBLET of Frome Swd, Currier; power reserved to James RAWLINGS

Legacies:             (1)   to son John LACEY and dau Mary GREGORY, the proceeds of selling a freehold messuage on Whittocks Lane, Frome, except £5

                                (2)   to son John, clock and household goods

                                (3)   to children John LACEY and Mary GREGORY, residue

Duty:                       (1)   value £50 each, £10 duty paid by each


Will No:                  182

Testator:               Robert ASHBY of Marston Bigot

Proved:                  11 Sep 1807

Estate:                   Under £450

Executors:            Jonathan PINNOCK

Legacies:             to wife Dorothy ASHBY, whole estate; after her death:

    (1)               to son Robert ASHBY, £20

    (2)               to son Edward ASHBY, £20

    (3)               to son George ASHBY, £20

    (4)               to son Simon ASHBY, £20

    (5)               to dau Elizabeth GUNNING, £20

    (6)               to dau Jane ASHBY, estate called Tapp Bailys and Daniels

                                        (7)   to daus Ann, Alice and Lucy, equal shares in residue

Duty:                       (1) – (5) 11s duty paid by each

                                (5) paid by son [sic] James GUNNING

                                (6) 13s 6d duty paid on 1/4 of residue (value £67) by John POPE and Mary his wife


Will No:                  184

Testator:               David FRENCH of Frome Swd

Proved:                  1 Oct 1807

Estate:                   Under £3,500

Executors:            John WAYLAND of Frome Swd, William ALLARD of Frome Swd

Legacies:             (1)   to nph John FRENCH, messuages, dwelling house, malthouse etc. held under Marquess of Bath in Gentle St subject to paying £3 p.a. to William LISTER s/o testor's late sis Rachel; after his death to nph Jacob FRENCH

                                (2)   to nph John FRENCH, £350

                                (3)   to nce Grace PEARCE, £40

                                (4)   to John WAYLAND and William ALLARD in trust, £340 to pay 12s per week to nce Grace PEARCE; after her death to her husband and three children

                                (5)   to said nph Jacob FRENCH, £315

                                (6)   to nph David FRENCH, £200

                                (7)   to nce Mary JAMES, £150

                                (8)   to nce Elizabeth GEORGE, £150

                                (9)   to nph William LISTER, £100 and after his death to his wife and children

                                (10)to nph William HIBBERD, £30

                                (11)to nph William HIBBERD, £92 and after his death to his children

                                (12)to nph Benjamin HIBBERD, £30

                                (13)to nce Rachel GREENLAND, £100

                                (14)to John GREGORY, £100

                                (15)to James GREGORY, £20

                                (16)to Charles WAYLAND, £25

                                (17)to Joseph FRENCH, £20

                                (18)to Sarah COOK, £155 and the bed in the room she sleeps in if living with me at my death; else £60 only

                                        to nph John FRENCH and nce Grace PEARCE, residue

Duty:                       (2)   DB [Descendant of Brother] £8 15s paid

                                (3)   DS [Descendant of Sister] £1 12s 6d paid

                                (5) – (8) all DB, duty paid

                                (10)DS duty paid

                                (12)Nep duty paid

                                (13) – (14) DS duty paid

                                (15) – (16) duty paid

                                (17)DBF [Descendant of Brother of Father] duty paid


Will No:                  185

Testator:               William MITCHELL of Nunney

Proved:                  3 Oct 1807

Estate:                   Under £200

Executors:            William MARLER

Legacies:             to wife whole estate; after her death:

    (1)               to William MARLER, clock and gun

    (2)               to sis Iris [?] DALBY w/o Samuel DALBY and Elizabeth HOPKINS, the residue




Will No:                  211

Testatrix:              Mary GREATWOOD of Frome Swd

Proved:                  18 Jan 1808

Estate:                   Under £200

Executors:            James GIFFORD

Legacies:             (1)   to William MOORE when he reaches 21, £20 and a gold ring; if he dies sooner, to his mother Ann MOORE

                                (2)   to dau-in-law Joyce HARVEY and Ann MOORE, residue; if Ann MOORE dies in Testator's lifetime, to her dau Ann LESLIE


Will No:                  236

Testator:               John RICHARDS of Frome Swd

Proved:                  7 Mar 1808           

Estate:                   Under £100

Executors:            John ED[?]THER, Henry RICHARDS; power reserved to William HAGLEY

Legacies:             (1)   to dau Eleanor PORTER, tenement in Starve Acre in the occupation of Thomas BABER and three tenements in Catherine Hill in the occupation of John BUTLER, Mr William HAGLEY, Surgeon, and Henry RICHARDS; after her death to her children or else to her heirs

                                (2)   to dau Eleanor PORTER and her husband Thomas, leasehold tenements in the Mint for the rest of the term

                                (3)   to Samuel BUTLER and gdau Hannah PALMER [PORTER?], two tenements at the Butts in the occupation of Mr JEFFRIES and Mr EELLS

                                (4)   to John JEFFRIES, rent of said leasehold for life

Duty:                       (1)   Exors in trust for gchn Samuel, Eleanor and Thomas PORTER paid 17s 3d duty on leasehold tenements in the Mint sold about March 1809 and valued at £30

                                (2)   Exors in trust for Samuel BUTLER and Hannah PORTER tenements at the Butts held for the lives of Betsey PORTER aged 11 and Samuel BUTLER aged 27

                                (3)   sis Ann JEFFRIES


Will No:                  242

Testatrix:              Elizabeth HEALE of Frome Swd

Proved:                  28 Apr 1808

Estate:                   Under £450                                  

Executors:            James HEALE, Joseph HEALE; power reserved to John HEALE

Legacies:             (1)   to sis-in-law Catherine HOGG, £60

                                (2)   to ch/o late sis Margaret COXON, £60

                                (3)   to nph William POULTER, £40

                                (4)   to George STRODE, £30

                                        to ch/o late husband (5) John HEALE (6) James HEALE (7) Joseph HEALE (8) Hannah DUNT[?] (9) Elizabeth BAGGOT and (10) ch/o Mary GILES d/o husband, residue

Duty:                       (1)   duty paid

                                (2)   DS [Descendants of a Sister] duty paid E. LAWSON[?], M. CHARLETON, Jos[?] COXON

                                (3)   DS duty paid

                                (4)   duty paid

                                (5) – (10) duty paid (9) by John and Elizabeth BAGGOT             


Will No:                  245

Testator:               William DART of Frome Swd

Proved:                  5 May 1808

Estate:                   Under £20

Executors:            William LACEY of Nunney, Wool Merchant, Relict and Exix dying without taking probate

Legacies:             (1)   to wife                                    

                                (2)   to my four children Sarah, Ann, Susanna and William, equal shares in messuage in possession of Susanna KING


Will No:                  246

Testator:               Joseph BIGWOOD of Frome Swd

Proved:                  5 May 1808

Estate:                   Under £100

Executors:            James RAWLINGS OF Frome Swd, John CLARKE of Frome Swd

Legacies:             (1)   to nph Thomas HALL, dwelling house occupied by Shadwell CLEMENT and cottage occupied by John TWITCHER when 21 subject to paying nce Ann HALL £50 left her by Testor's mother

                                (2)   to bro John BIGWOOD and sis Sarah HALL, residue

Duty:                       (1)   Leasehold mortgaged to a Mr MOON for more than could be procured for it and the mortgagee took posession


Will No:                  247

Testatrix:              Ann PALMER, Shopkeeper of Frome Swd

Proved:                  7 May 1808

Estate:                   Under £100

Executors:            Nph John WHEREATT

Legacies:             to nph John WHEART, the whole estate


Will No:                  254

Testator:               William CHINNOCK of Frome Swd

Proved:                  12 May 1808

Estate:                   Under £800

Executors:            Relict Mary CHINNOCK

Legacies:             (1)   to dau Hannah CHINNOCK, annuity of £2 12s

                                (2)   to son John CHINNOCK, £30

                                (3)   to dau Elizabeth CHINNOCK, £30

                                (4)   to son Richard CHINNOCK, £30

                                (5)   to dau Susannah CHINNOCK, £30

                                (6)   to wife Mary CHINNOCK, residue

Duty:                      (1)   age 35


Will No:                  258

Testator:               William WILCOX of Leigh on Mendip

Proved:                  7 Jun 1808

Estate:                   Under £100

Executors:            Relict Jane WILCOX; power reserved to daus Martha WILCOX and Ann WILCOX

Legacies:             (1)   to dau Ann WILCOX, £10

                                (2)   to wife Jane and two daus, residue


Will No:                  262

Testator:               John ADLAM of Frome Swd

Proved:                  30 Jun 1808

Estate:                   Under £450

Executors:            Ralph HOTCHKIN and William CHISLETT, Gents of Frome Swd

Legacies:             to children, proceeds of selling messuages etc.


Will No:                  263

Testatrix:              Elizabeth HALLIDAY of Frome Swd

Proved:                  30 Jun 1808

Estate:                   Under £2,000

Executors:            Son James HALLIDAY

Legacies:              to James HALLIDAY, whole estate


Will No:                  279

Testator:               William HEALE of Frome Swd

Executors:            James HEALE and John HEALE

Proved:                  3 Jul 1808

Estate:                   Under £600

Legacies:             (1)   to nphs James HEALE and John HEALE, remainder of household goods and wearing apparel

                                (2)   to nph James HEALE, 1/10 proceeds of selling real estate

                                (3)   to nph John HEALE, 1/10 proceeds of selling real estate

                                (4)   to Hannah HEALE, (5) Elizabeth HEALE, (6) Joseph HEALE, ch/o bro John, (7) John HEALE, (8) William HEALE, (9) Joseph HEALE, ch/o bro James, 6/10 share in proceeds of selling real estate

                                (10)to ch/o late nce Mary GILES 1/10 proceeds of selling real estate

                                (11)to ch/o late nce Mary GRACE 1/10 proceeds of selling real estate

Duty:                      (2) – (4) DB [Descendants of Brothers] duty paid

                                (10) DB Exors for ch/o Mary GREEN [sic] duty paid


Will No:                  282

Testator:               William WILTSHIRE of Frome Swd

Proved:                  26 Jul 1808

Estate:                   Under £2000

Executors:            Relict Mary WILTSHIRE

Legacies:             (1)   to sis Mary SLY [SLEIGH?]

                                (2)   to wife; after her death to son William when 21


Will No:                  288

Testator:               George STONE of Frome Swd

Proved:                  3 Aug 1808

Estate:                   Under £200

Executors:            Samuel GREGORY

Legacies:             to children Sarah STONE and Edward STONE, the whole estate


Will No:                  292

Testatrix:              Betty LIDBURY of Beckington

Proved:                  31 Aug 1808

Estate:                   Under £2000

Executors:            Joseph LIDBURY of Beckington

Legacies:             to bro Joseph LIDBURY of Beckington, the whole estate          


Will No:                  294

Testatrix:              Ann FREESTONE of Frome Swd

Proved:                  8 Sep 1808

Estate:                   Under £200

Executors:            Nce Sophia otherwise Avis NOBLE, now living with me

Legacies:             to Sophia otherwise Avis NOBLE, the whole estate


Will No:                  295

Testator:               William FREEMAN of Marston Bigot

Proved:                  10 Sep 1808

Estate:                   Under £200

Executors:            William Trueman FENNELL

Legacies:             (1)   to gson William FENNELL, £20              

                                (2)   to gt gson William Trueman FENNELL, residue


Will No:                  302

Testator:               Joseph SMITHFIELD of Marston Bigot

Proved:                  11 Oct 1808

Estate:                   Under £300

Executors:            William CREESE

Legacies:             (1)   to dau Martha CREESE, £20    

                                (2)   to daus Mary GREENLAND and (3) Martha CREESE, my seven cows, two pigs, rick of hay, all now in the possession of Mary GREENLAND

Observations:      £3 borrowed by Robert MOOR to be considered as part of the residue


Will No:                  306

Testator:               William WILLIS of Beckington

Proved:                  31 Oct 1808

Estate:                   Under £800

Executors:            John CARPENTER, Dyer of Corsley, Wilts, and James CARPENTER of Beckington, Mealman

Legacies:             to wife, whole estate; after her death:

    (1)               to William WRIGHT, £100

    (2)               to Joseph NAISH Snr, £100

    (3)               to the current Minister of the Unitarian Meeting House in Beckington, the interest of £100

    (4)               to Rev. Roger HOWELL, £20

    (5)               to Elizabeth WRIGHT, £50

    (6)               to Charlotte Margaret ROGERS, £100

    (7)               to John CARPENTER and James CARPENTER, residue

Duty:                      (2)   Exors of Joseph NAISH

                                (6)   DSF [Descendant of a Sister of Testor's Father]


Will No:                  311

Testator:               Charles PINKER of Woolverton

Proved:                  23 Nov 1808

Estate:                   Under £100

Executors:            Rev. William BATCHELOR, Clerk of Bath, and Roger MOGER, Gent of Woolverton

Legacies:             (1)   to Robert MOGER, £100

                                (2)   to sisters Mary and Charlotte and bro James RENDICARY, residue




Will No:                  316

Testator:               William SINGER of Frome Swd

Proved:                  16 Jan 1809

Estate:                   Under £100

Administratix:      Relict Sarah SINGER, the Exors having renounced

Legacies:             to wife, the whole estate; after her death:

(1)   to son John, £50 if he returns to England

(2)   to son William, £50

(3)   to son Samuel, the residue when 21

Duty:                      (2)   duty paid                       


Will No:                  327

Testatrix:              Mary HUGHES of Nunney

Proved:                  28 Mar 1809

Estate:                   Under £200

Executors:            Miles HUGHES; power reserved to Robert MILES

Legacies:             (1)   to son Miles HUGHES, 1/3 interest in tenements in the Psh of Frome belonging to the late John COLES, 1/3 interest in a paddock in Nunney in the occupation of Thomas PHILLIPS; after his death, if without issue to Testx's gdau Mary HUGHES, else the proceeds of sale to be divided 2:1 between them

                                (2)   to Miles HUGHES, silver etc.

                                (3)   to gdau Mary HUGHES, china etc.

                                (4)   to son Miles HUGHES, bull and cow

                                (5)   to Miles HUGHES and Mary HUGHES, residue


Will No:                  232

Testator:               Henry HARVEY of Lullington

Proved:                  17 Apr 1809

Estate:                   Under £200

Executors:            Richard HARVEY, Joseph CABELL

Legacies:             (1)   to daus Ruth and Mary, £5 after death of wife

                                (2)   to daus Ruth and Mary, residue


Will No:                  343

Testator:               Zaberdee BEACHIM of Page House, Psh of Babington

Proved:                  20 Jan 1809

Estate:                   Under £450

Executors:            Relict Joanna BEACHIM

Legacies:             (1)   to son-in-law Richard BEACHIM, £50

                                (2)   to Joanna BEACHIM, residue; after her death to two gsons Thomas and Zeberdee BEACHIM and dau Sarah BEACHIM


Will No:                  344

Testator:               John CAYFORD of Egford, Psh of Whatley

Proved:                  21 Jun 1809

Estate:                   Under £1,500

Executors:            John EVERETT, Grocer of Warminster, Wilts; Frederick SEAGRAM renounced

Legacies:             (1)   to son John CAYFORD, daus (2) Mary SLY and (3) Ann MONTAGUE, £100 each to any who come to England to collect it within two years of Testor's death

                                (4)   to chn John, Samuel, Sarah and Hannah, £100 each

                                (5)   to each of the eleven ch/o dau Sarah, the five ch/o dau Hannah, the two ch/o son Samuel, 20 guineas

                                (6)   to chn Samuel, Sarah and Hannah, residue

Duty:                      Assets insufficient to pay in full

                                (1)   duty paid

                                (2)   William SLEIGH in right of his wife Mary, duty paid

                                (3)   Ann w/o William MONTAGUE, duty paid

                                (4)   Samuel CAYFORD, son, duty paid; Sarah w/o Robert HUMPHRIES, dau, duty paid [7 Apr 1824 Sarah JOYCE; 19 Jun 1829 Elizabeth COLES]; Hannah w/o James COLE [sic], dau, duty paid

                                (5)   John HUMPHRIES, gson, duty paid [12 Jul 1825, Mary COLES, gdau]; Christian CAYFORD, gdau; Matthias CAYFORD, gson [9 Jun 1826, Ann HARDING]; Ann HUMPHRIES, gdau [20 Oct 1826, Jb HUMPHRIES, Job Cooper HUMPHRIES]; Robert HUMPHRIES, gson; Joel HUMPHRIES, gson; Rachael Cooper HUMPHRIES, gdau; Jos CAYFORD, gson; Thomas JOYCE, gson; William HUMPHRIES, gson


Will No:                  361

Testatrix:              Hannah WHEREAT of the Psh of Beckington

Proved:                  23 Sep 1809

Estate:                   Under £600

Executor:              George WEST

Legacies:              to son-in-law George WEST, whole estate


Will No:                  367

Testatrix:              Elizabeth WHITE of the Psh of Batcombe

Estate:                   Under £1,500

Proved:                  20 Oct 1810

Executor:              Benjamin WHITE, son

Legacies:             (1)   to dau Elizabeth PERROTT, £200, my cottage etc. in Evercreech for all my interest in it

                                (2)   to son Thomas WHITE, £500

                                (3)   to dau Jane WHITE, £100

                                (4)   to gson Stephen CORNISH, £50

                                (5)   to gson Robert CORNISH, £50 at 21

                                (6)   to gdau Ann CORNISH, £50 at 21

                                (7)   to son Benjamin WHITE, residue

Duty:                      (5)   paid                                        




Will No:                  384

Testator:               William SMITH of Tellisford

Estate:                   Under £450

Proved:                  6 Jan 1810

Executor:              Henry SMITH

Legacies:             (1)   to dau Mary ROSE, £150    

                                (2)   to dau Ann BELL, £150

                                (3)   to dau Charlotte LANSDOWN, £130

                                (4)   to dau Hannah HUMPHRIES, £140

                                (5)   to son Henry SMITH, residue

Duty:                      (2)   £1 10s paid                          


Will No:                  395

Testatrix:              Dorothy ASHBY of Marston Bigot

Estate:                   Under £200

Proved:                  24 Mar 1810

Executrix:             Ann ASHBY

Legacies:             to daus Ann, Alice, Lucy and Jane ASHBY, residue


Will No:                  398

Testator:               Henry RICHARDS of Frome Swd

Estate:                   Under £200

Proved:                  1 May 1810

Executors:            Francis HERMAN, Confectioner of Frome Swd, John BUTLER, Shoemaker of Frome Swd

Legacies:                     to chn (1) Henry RICHARDS, (2) Ann RICHARDS, (3) Mary RICHARDS, (4) Samuel RICHARDS, residue at 21, interest for their benefit in the mean time

Duty:                      (1)   Henry RICHARDS, son, 1/3 share, value £187 1s 4d, £1 17s 4d duty paid

                                (2)   Ann RICHARDS, dau, ditto

                                (3)   lapsed

                                (4)   Samuel RICHARDS, son, 1/3 share, value £187 1s 4d, £1 17s 4d duty paid


Will No:                  409

Testatrix:              Rebecca WATTS

Estate:                   Under £450

Proved:                  19 Jun 1810

Executor:              William CARTER

Legacies:             to sis Susannah DERWENT, residue for life; after her death to nces Mary Susannah HINTON and Ann WILLIAMS


Will No:                  430

Testator:               William ALLWARD of Frome Swd

Proved:                  27 Jul 1810

Estate:                   Under £7,500

Executors:            Relict Mary ALLWARD, James ALLWARD, Joseph ALLWARD

Legacies:              (1)   to child William ALLWARD, £100

                                (2)   to child Mary HODDINOTT, £100

                                (3)   to son John ALLWARD, £250 when 21

                                (4)   to dau Nancy ALLWARD, £250 when 21

                                (5)   to gson James ALLWARD s/o dau Mary, £50 when 21

                                (6)   to gson George ALLWARD, £100 when 21; if he dies sooner, to his bro John

                                (7)   to Mary Ann ALLWARD, £50 when 21; if she dies sooner, to her bro John

                                (8)   to wife Mary ALLWARD, sons James ALLWARD and Joseph ALLWARD, residue

Duty:                      (1) – (2) £1 duty paid

                                (3) – (4) 31s 3d duty paid

                                (5)   12s 3d duty paid

                                (6)   £1 4s 6d duty paid

                                (7)   12s 3d duty paid

                                (8)   £42 19s duty paid


Will No:                  433

Testator:               Thomas HORLER of Mells

Proved:                  3 Aug 1810

Estate:                   Under £100

Executor:              Thomas HORLER

Legacies:             (1)   to chn John HORLER, James HORLER, Thomas HORLER and Martha PADFIELD, money and interest

                                (2)   to wife Mary HORLER, residue


Will No:                  439

Testator:               William DEACON of Beckington

Proved:                  30 Aug 1810

Estate:                   Under £450

Executrix:             Relict Ann DEACON

Legacies:             to wife Ann DEACON, whole estate; after her death    

to dau Sarah HELLICAR, clock

to children Charles, Joseph, William and Thomas DEACON, Mary PIKE and Sarah HELLICAR, residue


Will No:                  442

Testator:               Thomas PADFIELD of Leigh on Mendip

Proved:                  11 Sep 1810

Estate:                   Under £1,000

Executors:            son Zebedee PADFIELD

Legacies:             (1)   to son Samuel PADFIELD, £20

                                (2)   to son Jeremiah PADFIELD, £50 and the house he lives in

                                (3)   to son Isaac PADFIELD, £50 and the house he lives in, adjoining the above [details]to be paid out of freehold estate called MORGANs nr Saddle House

                                (4)   to son Thomas PADFIELD, £20

                                (5)   to dau Martha EMERY, £100 and clock and red bolster

                                (6)   to Zebedee PADFIELD, residue

Duty:                       (1)   4s duty paid

                                (3)   11s duty paid

                                (4)   4s duty paid

                                (5)   5s duty paid

                                (6)   £7 4s 3d duty paid


Will No:                  452

Testatrix:              Eleanor KING of the Psh of Wanstrow

Proved:                  13 Oct 1810

Estate:                   Under £100

Executrices:        Mary CANDY w/o Christopher CANDY, Jane GREEN w/o Samuel GREEN

Legacies:             (1)   to son-in-law Roger KING, dwelling house in the Psh of Wanstrow

                                (2)   to Mary CANDY and Jane GREEN, residue


Will No:                  453

Testator:               Michael HOLDER of Mells

Proved:                  16 Oct 1810

Estate:                   Under £1,000

Executor:              Richard EMBLEN of Buckland Dinham

Legacies:             (1)   to bro Thomas HOLDER, £50; if he dies before Testor, to nph Michael HOLDER

                                (2)   to wife Martha HOLDER, residue; after her death

to wife's sister's son Richard EMBLEN, four leasehold closes called Mendip Tinnings in Pshes of Mells and Leigh and Testor's half-share in leasehold houses in Lute Green in the Psh of Mells

to wife's sister's dau Mary EMBLEN, leasehold estate called Finger in the Psh of Mells

Duty:                      (1)   Thomas ots [?] Michael HOLDER, DB [Descendant of a Brother], value £50, £1 5s duty paid




Will No:                  474

Testator:               Joseph SINGER of Frome Swd

Proved:                  1 Feb 1811

Estate:                   Under £1,000

Executor:              James SINGER

Legacies:              all estate to his wife; after her death

(1)   to daus Sarah BIGGS and Elizabeth WHITE, equal shares in household goods

(2)   to his four daus Elizabeth, (3) Ann, (4) Sarah and (5) Martha, £200 each

(6)   to son James SINGER, residue

                                to son-in-law James FOLIATT [?], promissory note for £200 to be cancelled

Duty:                       (1)   £2 duty paid

                                (2)   £2 duty paid by Elizth w/o Samuel WHITE

                                (3)   duty paid by Ann w/o Jno HARBUTT

                                (4)   duty paid by Sarah w/o Jno BIGGS

                                (5)   duty paid by Martha w/o Jas SYDSERFF


Will No:                  494

Testator:               John CLARK, Rector of Marston Bigot

Proved:                  7 May 1811

Estate:                   Under £300

Executor:              Charles CLARK, son

Legacies:             (1)   to son William Henry CLARK, gold watch

                                (2)   to dau Ann CLARK, gold ring

                                (3)   to chn Charles CLARK, Francis Theodosius CLARK, Seward CLARK, William Henry CLARK, Ann CLARK , residue

Duty:                      (3) – (7)  duty paid @ 10s (value £50 each)  


Will No:                  506

Testator:               John SINGER of the Psh of Beckington

Proved:                  24 Jun 1811

Estate:                   Under £450

Administratrix:    Relict Mary SINGER of the Psh of Beckington, no executors being named

Legacies:             to wife Mary SINGER, whole estate; after her death to Testor's chn


Will No:                  507

Testator:               John PIKE of Marston Bigot

Proved:                  24 Jun 1811

Estate:                   Under £1,500

Administrators:   John PIKE, Yeoman of the Psh of Marston Bigot; William BARTLETT, Butcher of the Psh of Frome

Legacies:             (1)   to son James PIKE, £25

                                (2)   to dau Ann BARTLETT, £45

                                (3)   to son John PIKE, household goods, dairy and brewing utensils, subject to paying £10 to gdau Hester JOY [?]

                                (4)   to chn Sarah PINNOCK, Tristram PIKE, James PIKE, Ann BARTLETT, Henry PIKE, John PIKE, Charles PIKE, residue

Duty:                      Exors for Testor's chn, value £993 19s, £9 18s 9d duty paid


Will No:                  517

Testator:               Francis WEAVER of Faulkland in the Psh of Kennington [Hemington?], Soms

Proved:                  31 Jul 1811

Estate:                   Under £5,000

Executor:              John WEAVER

Legacies:              (1)   to bro John WEAVER, leasehold estates in the Psh of Kennington [sic] held under the Master of St John's Hospital, Bath

                                (2)   to nph Benjamin WEAVER, lands in Psh of Chilcompton

                                (3)   to nce Rachael CHAPMAN, £30 p.a.

                                (4)   to nph Benjamin WEAVER, a moiety of a leasehold estate in the Psh of Dunkerton

                                (5)   to nph Francis WEAVER, leasehold ground called Millhams in the Psh of Dunkerton

                                (6)   to csn Benjamin WEAVER, £100

                                (7)   to csn Richard WEAVER, £100

                                (8)   to nph Benjamin WEAVER, £1,000

                                (9)   to James Sevior WEAVER, £100

                                (10)to Robert POPJOY, £50

                                (11) to bro John WEAVER, residue

Duty:                       (3)   value £379 10s, £11 7s 9d duty paid

                                (4)   DB [Descendant of a Brother], value £240, £6 duty paid

                                (5)   DBF [Descendant of a Brother of Father], value £20, 16s duty paid by Richard WEAVER for his son Francis

                                (6)   DBF, £4 duty paid

                                (7)   ?DBF, £4 duty paid

                                (8)   DB, £25 duty paid

                                (9)   DB, £10 duty paid by James SEVIOR in trust for James S. WEAVER

                                (10)DBGM [Descendant of a Brother of Grandmother], £2 10s duty paid

                                (11)value £2,563 5s 3d; £76 18s duty paid


Will No:                  518

Testator:               William GOUGH of Great Elm

Proved:                  10 Aug 1811

Estate:                   Under £800

Executors:            John FUSSELL, Edge Tool Maker of Mells; Richard WILLOUGHBY, Grocer of Frome Swd

Legacies:              (1)   to son William GOUGH, dining table etc. 

                                (2)    to dau Harriet, tea table etc.

                                (3)   to dau Mary, six chairs etc.

                                (4)   to wife Mary GOUGH, residue; after her death or marriage, equal shares to my children and the issue of any who have died when the youngest is 21


Will No:                  521

Testator:               John KEMP

Proved:                 29 Aug 1811

Estate:                   Under £100

Executrix:             Rebecca EDWARDS w/o Robert EDWARDS, Yeoman of the Psh of Standerwick

Legacies:             (1)   to gsons John and William KEMP, use of the sanstone [?] quarry for all my interest in it           

                                (2)   to dau Rebecca EDWARDS, residue


Will No:                  524

Testator:               Luke MOODY of the Psh of Frome

Proved:                 20 Sep 1811

Estate:                   Under £200

Executors:            Luke MOODY and Stephen MOODY

Legacies:             (1)   to son Jeffery MOODY, £60

                                (2)   to son Jacob MOODY, £50

                                (3)   to son Stephen MOODY, 2 1/4 hogshead casks of beer and a little box by Testor's bedside

                                (4)   to sons Luke and Stephen MOODY, residue


Will No:                  536

Testatrix:              Martha COLLINS of Frome

Estate:                   Under £800

Proved:                 16 Nov 1811

Executors:            Rev. John HALL, Dr in Divinity of Chew Magna; power reserved to Harry TOOGOOD, Clerk, and Benjamin EVERETT

Legacies:             (1)   to gdaus Jane BUTLER and Mary Ann BUTLER, residue at 21; if they die sooner, to ch/o Mrs Jane COLLINS at 21, the interest for maintenance in the mean time

Duty:                      (1)   9 May 1824, Jane CROCKER [?] and Mary DANIEL , gdaus, value £502 11s 2d; £5 0s 6d duty paid


Will No:                  538

Testator:               John HUMPHRIES of the Psh of Norton St Philip

Proved:                 20 Nov 1811

Estate:                   Under £30

Executors:            Relict Hannah HUMPHRIES, Theophilus CLEMENT and Thomas HUMPHRIES

Legacies:             (1)   to son Thomas HUMPHRIES house and ground where my workshop now stands, also all my stock and tools in the Coopering trade

                                (2)   to chn Thomas HUMPHRIES, Parcilla [sic] CLEMENT, equal shares in remainder of household goods

                                (3)   to children [sic] Theophilus CLEMENT and Thomas HUMPHRIES, equal shares in all my farming stock


Will No:                  540

Testator:               Richard KEEVILL of the Psh of Beckington

Estate:                   Under £200

Proved:                 26 Nov 1811

Executor:              Peter KEEVILL

Legacies:             (1)   to gdau Elizabeth KEEVILL, £200 out of Real Estate at 21

                                (2)   to dau Elizabeth SHORT

                                (3)   to gdau Grace SHORT, £20

                                (4)   to son-in-law Joseph THRESHER, £40

                                (5)   to dau Hannah PAINTON, £40

                                (6)   to son Peter KEEVILL leasehold tenements in Holloway, Frome

                                (7)   to wife, household furniture; after her death equal shares to surviving children

Duty:                      (2) – (5)  8s duty paid