Church Rates for the Parish of Frome, 1693

J.O. Lewis made notes from St John's rate books for 1679-1703. What follows is transcribed from these and not the original Churchwardens' Accounts, which are in Somerset Record Office and in poor condition. Lewis's notes are difficult to read in some places and, because land was usually known by the name of previous owners, it is not always clear whether an entry denotes a ratepayer or property. I have capitalised what appear to be surnames, including where these are used as names of properties.

Town Tything


Henry SMITH                                            [his] house in Petty Wales                                                            6d    (Clink)

Henry SMITH                                            CUMPTONs house in Petty Wales                                              4d    (Clink)

Geo BARNES                                           at Bradfords Bridge                                                                        2d   

Geo MORGAN Jnr                                   in Broadway                                                                                     ??   

Geoffrey WRIGHT                                    in Broadway                                                                              1 1/2d   

Henry LACIE                                             [his] house in Cheap St                                                                 3d   

Henry PARSON                                        house at Welshmill                                                                        2d   

John BURGESS [?]                                 at Bradfords Bridge                                                                 1 1/2d   

James BABER                                         3 houses at Catherine Hill                                                            3d   

John WELLEN                                         for Catherine Hill                                                                             7d   

James BABER                                         3 acres pt of ye Leyes                                                                    2d   

James GIBBONS                                    at Badcox                                                                                          2d   

John CANDY                                            4 houses in ye Broadway                                                              4d   

John ISAAC                                               [his] house in Broadway                                                                1d   

James LACIE                                           [his] house in Catherine Hill                                                         3d   

John SHEPHARD                                    [his] house at Rack Close                                                            2d   

Mr Jonathan WHITCHURCH                 [his] house in Cheap St                                                                 5d   

Mr Jonathan WHITCHURCH                 and for ground at Critchill & 3 acres at Cuckoo Hill                 7d   

Jane ROGERS                                         ground at Gibbet Hill                                                                      4d   

Phill. STEVENS                                        for Dyers Close, HELLIKERs ground & Vallis Way               10d   

late Peter ROSTROW                             3 houses in Broadway                                                                   3d   

Rich DAVIS                                               [his] house in Cheap St                                                                 3d   

Rich LANGLEY                                         [his] house at Bradfords Bridge                                                   1d   

Rich PAYNE                                              [his] house at Broadway & 1 acre                                                2d   

Rich GERRETT                                        [his] house & ground at Cottles Oak                                           3d   

Saml CLARK Shoemaker                      [his] house                                                                                       3d   

Wid. SELFE                                              [her] house & ground at Cottles Oak                                          2d   

Thomas DAVIS                                        ground at Critchill                                                                      1s 0d   

Thomas HOLLOWAY                              2 acres in FOXBURY                                                               1 1/2d   

Will POBJOY                                             [his] house ?? occ. near ye Shoot                                               2d   

Soloman DEBNAM                                  [his] new house                                                                              5d   

Wid. WHITCHURCH                               for 5 houses & orchard at Baxcox                                             10d   

Mr Will LEVERSEDGE                            [his] house                                                                                       3d   

Will BARTON                                            [his] house ye black smith                                                            2d   

Will WELLEN Chandler                          a ground next Oadgrounds                                                           5d   

Will CHANLER                                         [his] house in Oadgrounds                                                           2d   

Benj SHORT                                             [his] house in Oadgrounds Poore                                               3d   

John WEBB Cardmaker                         [his] house in Oadgrounds                                                           2d   

John WEBB Wiredrawer                        [his] house                                                                                       1d   

Geo WEST Shoemaker                          2 houses in Vallis Way                                                                    2   

John LITTLE                                             a house in Oadgrounds                                                                1d   

John FOREHEAD                                    a house in Oadgrounds                                                                1d   

Rich SUDDENES                                    2 houses in Oadgrounds                                                              3d   

Clement BLAKE                                       [his] house in Oadgrounds                                                           1d   

Thomas WELLS                                      [his] house in Oadgrounds                                                           1d   

Edwd EVANS                                            2 houses in Oadgrounds                                                              2d   

John WHITING                                         2 houses in Oadgrounds                                                              3d   

John ALLENE Weaver                            [his] house in Oadgrounds                                                           2d   

Robt LACIE                                               [his] house in Oadgrounds                                                           2d   

Peter CARRIER                                       [his] house in Oadgrounds                                                           2d   

Will DIX                                                      [his] house in Oadgrounds                                                           2d   

Will DAVIS                                                 [his] house in Oadgrounds                                                           1d   

John WHITTOCK                                     [his] house in Oadgrounds                                                           1d   

Jerome DAVIS                                          [his] house in Oadgrounds                                                           3d   

Vertue WHITEN                                        [her] house in Oadgrounds                                                          00    or occupier

John CABELL                                           [his] house in Oadgrounds                                                           1d   

Walter WILTSHIRE                                  [his] house in Oadgrounds                                                           2d   

Geo. FALKNER                                        [his] 4 houses in Oadgrounds                                                     5d   

Jno TAYLOR                                             [his] 2 houses in Oadgrounds                                                     3d   

Phillis REVE                                             [her] 2 houses in Oadgrounds                                                     2d   

Robt COMBES Jnr                                   a house Oadgrounds                                                                            

Tho JESSER                                            late BURGAGEs Oadground                                                        3d   

Widow FRY                                               2 houses Oadground                                                                    4d   

Widow BEDFORD                                   [her] house Oadground                                                                 2d   

Wid LACIE                                                 [her] house & orchard                                                                    2d    poore


East Woodlands Tything


Mr Richard BULL                                                                                                                                                2d   

Steven KEEPEN Shopkeeper                                                                                                                          3d   

Mr Will BAYLY                                                                                                                                                      4d   

Mr Will WILKINS Salter                                                                                                                                      6d   

Occupier                                                    ye Balyweck                                                                                1s 0d   

                                                                    WHITTINGTONs                                                                             5d    or occupier

Lord WEYMOUTH                                    Abbots Bollow                                                                            1s 3d   

Roger EDGELL                                        for OBOURNs                                                                                  7d   

John ADAMS                                             for PYPERs                                                                                1s 0d   

Mr Thomas SMITH                                  for BOLLOW                                                                               7s 6d   

Wid  MASON                                             Geo EYRES                                                                                     6d    occ

Jane CAFF                                                for Bushey Close                                                                            5d   

Rich RYMELL                                           for JAMESes                                                                            2s 11d   

Antho: RYMELL                                        for Well house                                                                           1s 4d   

Xpher RYMELL                                         for PRESTLYs                                                                            1s 8d   

Rch SINGER                                            Rch EXTON                                                                                1s 4d    occ

Richard HALLES                                     for HIDDINGTONs                                                                    1s 3d   

John NIGHT                                                                                                                                                   1s 3d   

Thomas SHEAPARD                              late CASTERs                                                                                 6d    occ

Rich HALLES Snr                                                                                                                                               7d   

Widd  BARTON                                        for Billhayes [?]                                                                          1s 0d   

John HAWKINS                                        pt of ?Rackclose & SMITHs house                                             6d   





Clement THATCHER                                                                                                                                   1s 1d   

Phil STEVENS                                          for old CORPS                                                                          8 1/2d   

John HAYES                                             for New Close                                                                           3 1/2d    or occupant

                                                                    the Moor                                                                                      1s 2d   

Will CULVERHOUSE                              for Alice COOKEs                                                                           3d   

Walter COLES                                          for pt of WIMPEYs Widd COLES & Will SINGER [?]            1s 4d   

Mr Robt SMITH                                         for BESTEs                                                                                 1s 3d   

Mr CABELL                                               for RUSSELs                                                                             2s 3d   

Occupant                                                   Mr CABELL's farme                                                                  2s 6d   

Clement THATCHER                              for pt of MASHMANs [?]                                                            2s 6d   

John HAYES                                             for BULLOCKs                                                                          7 1/2d   

Occupant                                                   BRIMBLEs and other inclosures                                                 4s   

DANGERFIELD                                        for SINGERs and pt of MOXHAMs                                               3d   

Occupant                                                   Ridge Copses and other inclosures                                    2s 6d   

Mr CABELL                                               for SUDRIDGEs [?]                                                                         4d   

Stephen NIGHT                                       for ye Fleets                                                                                1s 9d   

Robert NIGHT                                                                                                                                                1s 8d   

John and Stephen NIGHT                     for a ground                                                                                     5d   

Mr Edward BAYLY                                    for pt of COGSHILLs                                                                    10d   

Gilbert STONE                                         for Purminster [?]                                                                      1s 5d   

Henry ALLEN Snr                                                                                                                                             10d   

Zach. BAYLY                                                                                                                                                   1s 8d   

Benjn BAYLY                                                                                                                                                  1s 3d   

John BAYLY                                                                                                                                                    1s 3d   

Leo: WHITCHURCH                               for Pinmore late Geo POWELLs                                                  8d   

Lord WEYMOUTH                                    for Moore Mead                                                                               1d   

Rich POBJOY                                           for his house att Keyforde                                                             5d   

Mr CABELL                                               for WESTs                                                                                        5d   

Mr Willm WHITCHURCH                       for Loudon Mead, BOOLEs, Harne Hayes & Sullmore      1s 3d    [in margin: John BAYLY clothier]

                                                                    late CURTICEs house in Culver Close                                      1d    [in margin: Joseph BAYLY]

Rich HALLES                                           for New Close                                                                                 6d   

Mr COURT                                                for MAISHEs [?]                                                                               6d   

Rich HALLES                                           for his house & ground                                                                  7d   

Mr Jonathan WHITCHURCH                 for ground                                                                                         6d   

John RABITTS Snr                                                                                                                                              1d   

Mr CABELL                                               at Blatchbridge                                                                                2d   

Tho. HALLES                                            att Blatchbridge                                                                               4d   


West Woodlands


Rich SINGER                                           for READs Mill                                                                            1s 6d                                   

Rich SINGER                                           for COXes                                                                                   3s 6d                                   

Thos HALLES                                          for BERRINGTONs and KELLEWAYs                                   3s 6d                                   

Mr Thos BLAKBOURNE                                                                                                                               1s 9d                                   

Thos ROSSITER                                     for WILTONs                                                                                    2s                                   

Lord WEYMOUTH                                    for KINGSTONs                                                                               4d                                   

Ed UPJOHN                                             for WHILLERs                                                                                 3d                                   

Henry and Walter MARCHANT              for late FELLENs                                                                       1s 2d                                   

Elias READS                                            for late JESSER ye Georges [??]                                                 3d                                   

John CLARE Currier                                                                                                                                          5d                                   

Will BUNN                                                 for his house                                                                                   5d                                   

Widd. TEMPLE                                         for ye Bell                                                                                 10 1/2d                                   

Lord WEYMOUTH                                    for Xpher LACIE                                                                               1s                                   

Will CULVERHOUSE                              for his new house & ground                                                         4d                                   

Richard SUDDEN                                   for ye George                                                                                   3d                                   

Will POBJOY                                             for his house & ground                                                                  4d                                   

James WEST                                           for PLUMERs backside                                                                 4d                                   

Samll MORTEMOR                                                                                                                                             4d                                   

Robt EDGELL                                          for WELLENs                                                                                   3d                                   

Robt EDGELL                                          for WELLENs                                                                                   3d                                   

Rich WEST                                               for JOHNESONs [?]                                                                        1s                                   

Will SHEARMAN                                      for his house                                                                                   4d                                   

Mr Edwd HILL                                                                                                                                                      6d                                   

Mr COURT                                                for ye Sevaun [?] & Woodmanshill                                              1s                                   

Mr Will WHITCHURCH                           for his house & 1 ac. ground                                                        1s                                   

Mr Will WHITCHURCH                           for HACKETTs house & stable                                                    5d                                   

Mr Will WHITCHURCH                           for 6 ac. ground                                                                               6d                                   

Job WELLEN                                            for BAYLYs                                                                                     10d                                   

Henry KING                                               [his] house in Gentle St                                                          3 1/2d                                   

Mr Jonathan WHITCHURCH                 for MEWs                                                                                          3d                                   

Mr Jonathan WHITCHURCH                 for DAVISONEs land                                                                                                               in Town Tything

Wid.  JESSER                                          for late OSEPs: ye rest in Towne Tything                                   4d                                   

Occupant                                                   St August Farme                                                                             8s                                   

Occupant                                                   High Crofts [?]                                                                            2s 3d                                   

Lt Robt COURT                                                                                                                                                   3s                                    or occupant

Occupier                                                    VENNELLs                                                                                       3d                                    John PRESS [?]

                                                                    the farmehouse & ground                                                             1s                                   

Occupier                                                    ye Parsonage                                                                            7s 6d                                   

Occupier                                                    Hewish                                                                                        2s 3d                                   

John BISS                                                                                                                                                            4d                                    or occupant

Isaac GANE                                              [his] house in Rook Lane                                                       1 1/2d                                   

Mr Will COOKE                                         for his house in Gentle St                                                             6d                                   

Mr Will COOKE                                         for Mount Pleasant                                                                         6d                                   

Rich HAYES                                              for SANDAYs Hill                                                                             1s                                   

Richard PAYNE                                                                                                                                                   4d    Lt Anthony PAYNE      

John SHEAPERD                                    for NEWBERRYs                                                                       1s 4d                                   

Benj SHEAPERD                                     for RICKETTs                                                                             1s 4d                                   

Joseph SHEAPERD                               for SUDDENs                                                                            1s 6d                                   

John DUFFEILD                                                                                                                                                  2d                                   

John BEDFORD and John CLARE      for Green Lane                                                                                3d                                   

Ste. CUMPTON                                        [his] house in Back Lane                                                              2d                                   

Rich HAREBOTTLE                                [his] house in Churchyard                                                                                                     poore

Jno CHANDLER                                      [his] house & ground att Keyfords Elm                                       2d                                   

Mr Joseph IVYLEAFE                              for FALTs [?]                                                                                     1s                                   

Widow WHITCHURCH                           ground at Badcox                                                                      1s 3d                                   

Thomas CHANDLER                             a house at ye Butts                                                                         2d                                   

Mr FRAMPTON                                         [his] new house                                                                            10d    late WHEELERs  add 8d

Will BUNN                                                 for Collen ground                                                                         10d                                   

Rich TUCKER Baker                                                                                                                                                                                 

Mr FRAMPTON                                                                                                                                                    4d                                   

John KINGE                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Will BARTON                                                                                                                                                       2d                                   

Will WILLANS [?]                                                                                                                                                 3d