Badcox Lane Baptist Church memorandum book 1734-43


Many thanks to John Titford for the following. John notes; "This list appears to be a list of members as from Thomas Hurne's tenure of office in 1740; names have been added as baptised, and remarks like 'dead' have also been added after the original list was compiled." It contains the following surnames (some more than once):


Adams, Aldaredge, Alwood, Ashley, Bartlet, Biggs, Bishop, Board, Boffen, Bule, Caffile, Candy, Card, Carpenter, Clarke, Clements, Coles, Cook, Cooper, Coward, Cox, Dalamer, Dew, Dibbons, Earl, Elderton, Elliot, Eyles, Falkner, Field, Filly, Flowes, Fryar, Fulstone, Gage, Gengel, Gerrish, Gibbons, Grant, Hall, Harris, Hill, Hiscox, Holloway, Hooper, Humphreys, Hurne, Kingman, Lacey, Lacy, Lawford, Ludlow, Mainard, Maskell, Mays, Minty, Mortimer, Oldfield, Penney, Phillips, Pobjay, Polard, Pope, Salisbury, Sanger, Scammel, Sheppard, Shore, Short, Simms, Singar, Singard, Thatcher, Thresher, Tilly, Titford, Turner, Wait, Watts, West, Whittington, Wilcox, Wiltshire, Withey


"A plain exercise book, with about 60 pages written on, in very small neat writing. Added in pencil on the inside cover: '1734-43'".


First page: "The principal matters contained in this book:

1) Church agreements and proceedings in Mr Sharpe's time

2) The same continued after Mr Sharpe's decease

3) The list of church members at Brother Hurne's entrance, 1740.

4) Copies of letters sent by or to the society beginning with Brother Hurne's entrance

5) Strangers preaching there after June 20th, 1740

6) Questions proper to be asked in admitting to baptism

7) Numbers at first and yearly"


Members' names to be called over quarterly [no date]:


Thomas Hurne

Joseph Bishop

Zachary Fryar

Joseph Kingman

Joseph Gibbons

James Whittington

James Scammel

David Oldfield

Robert Clarke

Thomas Titford

Richard Cooper

Edward Coward

William Aldaredge

John Clarke

Benjamin Sheppard

Robert Phillips

Thomas Adams

Job Penney


Richard Dibbons

Eliz (Bule) Elderton

Frances Hooper

Joan Wiltshire

Jane Wait

Ann Singar

Kath Clarke

Sus Cooper

Eliz Falkner


Hester Tilly


Kath Sheppard

Nath Hill

Caleb Gage x Dead

John Mortimer

William Grant

Richard Wiltshire

Isaac Elliot

John Eyles x Dead

Luke Singar x Dead

Paul Pope

Mary Boffen

Jacob Pope

Mary Lawford


Mary Withey


Eliz Ludlow x dismissed


Anne Mortimer


Martha Hurne


Joanna Ashley


Charity Shore


Eliz Gage


Phebe Holloway x Dismissed

Joshua Lawford

Thomas Gerrish

John Lacy

James Dalamer

Richard Humphreys (preached)

Sybbil Watts x Dead

John Polard

Eliz Hill

Thomas Minty

Mary Tilly

John Cook

Jane Board

Gab Fulstone

Ann Wilcox (disabled)

Ed Dew

Eliz Harris x Ditto. Dead


Ann Earl


Sarah Pope (Frome)


Sarah Pope (Nunney)


Kath Gengel

James Aldaredge

Ann Pobjay x Dead

John Filly

Ann Clements

Eliz Sanger

Margery Thatcher

Mary Biggs (absant)

Mary Flowes

Mary Mainard

Mary Mays

Mary Pope

Mary Short

Mary Singard (Corsly) x Dead

Frances Singar x Dismissed


Mary Candy


Sarah Singar


Sus Field


Mary Coles


Mary Singar (Frome)


Grace (Cox) Oldfield


Sarah Titford


Mary Phillips


Eliz Simms


Deb Wiltshire

Ann Maskell

Eliz Withey

Sarah Fulstone

Mary Aldaredge

Ann Watts

Ann Carpenter

Jane Hall

Sus Lacey

Millier Card

Eliz Bartlet

Sus Caffile x Dead

Mary Hiscox


Eliz Coward

Eliz Dew

Margery Field

Miln Alwood

Han (Thresher) Salisbury

Mary Cook

Jane Turner

Reb Fulstone

Eliz Pobjay

Jane West


Thamzy Kingman x Dead