Church Records


Parish records of baptisms, marriages and burials are one of the main sources for identifying individuals before civil registration started in England and Wales in 1837. Nonconformity was strong in Frome from the 17th century on, and the nonconformist records that have survived are often very detailed. The Church of England also played a major role in collecting and dispensing taxes, administering and administering the law, including probate and the Poor Rates: see the Property pages.





Churches and Chapels

Places of worship in Frome, with dates of building and rebuilding

31 Dec 2001

Parish Register locations

Where local parish registers can be found

20 Jun 2001

Parish Registers

Extracts from Anglican registers for parishes in the Ancient Hundred of Frome

22 Mar 2002


Names connected with local marriages; see also Families page

25 Jun 2000

Frome St John Vicars and Sextons

Vicars (1597-1886) and Sextons (1673-1808) of St John the Baptist, Frome

10 Nov 2001

Frome St John Vestry Meetings

Records of the appointment of officers for the Parish of Frome, 1728-34

30 Dec 2001

Frome St John bells

Names engraved on the bells of St John the Baptist, Frome

20 Jun 2001

The Deanery of Frome

Parishes in the ancient Deanery of Frome

20 Jun 2001

Bruton Marriage Strays, 1681-1812

Parties to marriages in Bruton whose abode is in the ancient Hundred of Frome

20 Feb 2003


Assorted ecclesiastical records

20 Jun 2001

Nonconformist Records on PRO films

Records of pre-1838 Births, Baptisms and Burials available on film

2 Nov 2001

Early Nonconformity in Frome

Names from a lecture by J.O. Lewis to the Zion Church Guild in 1929


Badcox Lane members

A list of members of the Baptist church, about 1734-40

27 Feb 2000

Badcox Lane Baptist Church

Names from my notes, mainly from the 18th century


Zion Congregational Church

An account by W. J. HARVEY, Deacon & Secretary of the Church, printed in 1918

4 May 2003

Quaker Burials in Frome

Burials at the Quaker Burial Ground

4 May 2003

Rode Baptist Church Burials

Information from Memorial Inscriptions

7 Nov 2001