What is Frome and its locality like?


Descriptions and maps of Frome and its locality. See also the picture and census pages.







1900 Gazeteer for Somerset

Place-names linked to Ordnance Survey maps on the Somerset Record Office site

10 Mar 2001

1844 Directory

A description of Frome and environs from Pigotís Directory

25 Jan 2003

1793 Directory

A description of Frome and environs from the Universal British Directory

25 May 2000

Cobbett on Frome

An extract from the 1826 Rural Ride

25 Jan 2003

1885 Gazeteer for Frome

Place-names linked to the 1885 Ordnance Survey map

21 Jun 2001

The Street Names of Frome

Transcript of a lecture given by Rev. DANIELS in 1897

29 Jun 2002

1990 Street index

Where streets are in modern Frome, referring to the plan below

7 Jan 2001

Rook Lane and Bath Street

The 17th century properties between Palmer St and Rook Lane Chapel

22 Feb 2003

The Fussell Iron Works

A recent newspaper article on the C18/19 century edge tool factory near Mells

7 Jul 2001


Pages relating to Beckington

24 Jun 2006


Pages relating to Keyford

16 Jun 2002

Marston Bigot

Pages relating to Marston Bigot

1 Jun 2006


Pages relating to Nunney

1 Jun 2006

Witham Friary

Pages relating to Witham Friary

12 Oct 2003




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Frome and nearby parishes

Manorial fields around Frome

1774 plan of Frome

1813 Cruse survey of Frome

25 Dec 2000

25 Dec 2000

27 Jan 2001

25 Dec 2000

1840 Tithe Map of Keyford

1885 25"/mile OS map of part of Frome

1900 6"/mile OS maps on the Somerset Archives site

1990 street plan of Frome

1990 Street Plan of Frome

23 Feb 2002

28 Apr 2001

25 Jul 2000

7 Jan 2001

Maps of Frome, 1650-1950







2 Feb 2003