Pages on this menu relate to Keyford, originally a distinct settlement south west of Frome.





1840 Tithe Map

Map of Keyford with individual plots

23 Feb 02

1840 Tithe Survey

Extracts from the survey linking owners and occupiers to plots on the map

23 Feb 02

1841 Surnames

Surnames occurring in Enumeration Districts 4‑8 (Frome, SW of Behind Town)

23 Feb 022

1841 Census

Census returns for Keyford and adjacent areas

27 Mar 05

Census Enumeration Districts

The order in which Keyford was enumerated in the 1841, 1851 and 1881 censuses

26 Feb 02

Buildings in Keyford Street

Buildings in Keyford Street, with links to maps, photos, records and people

10 Mar 02