Frome in 1774


A plan of the town, reproduced by kind permission of Frome Society for Local Study.


It is "based on versions of an original now apparently lost. The oldest available copy was probably made in the first half of the 19th century, but omits from the plan eight references and leaves blanks for two items in the table of explanations. A printed version, considerably altered in layout, was made by C.G.M. Cross and issued in 1905. In addition to the features named on the present copy, the table refers to a tennis court and to the Champneys Arms Inn and London Coach Office, both north of the river, probably on the east side of the upper end of Bridge Street; and also to a water spring not marked on the surviving plans. The reference for the Full Moon Public House (37) does not appear, but 39, left blank in the explanation, is set against the public house marked on the south side of Back Lane between the Globe and the Eagle."


Streets and Buildings in Frome, 1774