The Parish of Beckington adjoins North Bradley, Wiltshire, to the east and within Somerset the parishes of Berkley and Standerwick, to the south, Orchardleigh and Lullington to the west and Rode to the north. Further information can be found on the GenUKI pages and the Parish website.


Robert Dainton has taken a particular interest in the village, where many of his ancestors lived.


Below are transcripts of primary sources for the family history of its inhabitants.


Marriages 1600-1753

A full transcript of Marriages 1653-1753 by Vicki Danielson with some earlier extracts

24 Jun 2006

Marriages 1754-1837

A full transcript of Marriages for this period by Lyn Faulkner with some later extracts by Robert Dainton and others

24 Jun 2006

Marriages 1837-1851

A full transcript of Marriages for this period by Vicki Danielson

8 Feb 2007

Burials 1684-1732

Burials for selected surnames at St George’s , extracted by Vicki Danielson

11 Feb 2007

MIs at St George’s

Memorial Inscriptions recorded by Robert Dainton

11 Feb 2007

Baptist Chapel MIs

11 Feb 2007

1840 Tithe Apportionments

A summary of landowners and their tenants for the whole parish

1 Aug 2006