Some Copyhold Tenures in Frome, about 1568


Kindly transcribed from the Frome Society for Local Studies slip index by Sarah Lowther.






HEYES, Thomas

To hold by copy, dated 25th April, 34 Hen. VIII (1542) to Thomas HEYES, Joan his wife and Thomas their son, one tenement, garden, 2 orchards and backside, 2 closes adjoining, one little mead at Bagsbridg in parish Marston, pasture in W. field at Frome above Sulmores Shorde. Abutteth upon Thriderington Lane End, 1 acre upon Cayfords Hill, 1 acre at Cockells Oke. Yearly rent 4s and cert. silver 1 1/2d work silver 4d. Fine £26 13s 4d 1 Heriot

Frome Tuckermersh

SURV. 27/75

MERRICK, William

And to Elynor ___ ? wife and Eleynor MARCHAUNT deceased, by copy from John THYNNE, dated 18th September, 2 Edw.VI (1548), a ruinous house converted to stable, a garden and backside, in 1/2 acre, environed in stone wall in Cock Street. (Later Morrice MERRICK, Alice his wife, and William their son, afterwards William MERRICKE). Yearly rent 6. 8d 4 chickens. Fine – nil (100S.)

Frome Cock Street



Son of William SUDDON, deceased, by copy, dated 22nd April, 36th Henry VIII (1544) demise of John THYNNE, 1 house containing 3 fields, I slop(?) containing 1 field, all thatched, with garden, orchard and backside, one done of pasture adjoining on E. 3 acres, 2 paddocks 1ac. Yearly rent 3s. 6d. Fine Tithe to the farmer of Marston  (Later William WHITE)

Frome Waldike

SURV. 26/74d Heriot

SUDDON, Richard

Claims to hold by copy of the demise of John ASTON deputy to the selerer of Cirencester to John SUDDON and Ellen, his wife deceased and to Richard SUDDON their son dated 11 April 17 Hen VIII (1526) One messuage, bakehouse, barn, shop, garden, and 2 orchards adjoining, in all 1/2 acre, a little parrock a mead adj, 1/2 ac., pasture The Crofte 2ac., The Little Mead 1 1/2 ac., Broad Mead 5 1/2 ac., Somerlease 2ac., The Hamm under Hurd Mead 3 ac., 1ac. arable in Edgmead in Froome Northfeeld, 1ac. arable and mead in Froome Westfeeld above Busshye Close, 1ac. arable in Westfeeld on W side of Okelye Way, 1/2 ac. arable in Westover, 3 roods arable in same, 1ac. arable in same, 1/3  part of an acre of mead “lyeing undevyded” at Crouchill and pays yearly 7s 2d and courte silver 3d (added : work silver 2s 8d) Tithe 5s 4d. 1 Heriot Fine £20 upon surrender (Richard SUDDEN, Gulyan his wife and Richard their son by copy dated 11 Sept. 14 Eliz = 1572)

Frome Tuckmersh

SURV. 30/76d, 31/77