Family Files


The information in these files has been submitted by people researching families in Frome and nearby villages. It comprises extracts from Parish Registers  (notably marriages) and other sources, gedcom files and family trees in other formats that have been compiled from a variety of sources. See also the Individuals page.


Family group sheets/gedcoms






A prominent family from West Woodlands Tithing

27 Apr 2003


Nearly three thousand of Michael Sprackling’s relatives, including AIRES and HODDINOTTs

13 Jun 2007


A Keyford family with CHAPMAN, GREGORY, POBJOY and WATTS links

2 May 2003


Late 18th and 19th century members of two prosperous families

25 Apr 2003


Two prosperous families with many links, including ALLENs and WHITCHURCHes

28 Apr 2003


KINGs and relatives

27 Apr 2003


Members of three well connected nonconformist families

27 Apr 2003

James NEWPORT (d. 1696)

NEWPORT descendants of James and Margaret, ROSSITERs, BEAUCHAMPs et al.

27 Apr 2003

Samuel NEWPORT (abt 1740-1803)

NEWPORT descendants of Samuel and Tryphena, CANDYs, TROLL*Ps et al.

27 Apr 2003

William WHITCHURCH (d.1621)

A tabel of 250-odd descendants and relatives with links to family trees

14 Apr 2003


Family trees





Edward HODDINOTT (b. bef. 1601)

950+ descendants of Edward HODDINOTT and Margaret CHANCELER, with many other local names, including ALLARDs, BEAUCHAMPs, CREESEs, ROSSITERs

20 Jan 2002

Local branches of the POBJOY family

An overview of the growth and dispersal of local POBJOYs

23 Nov 2002


A family tree of local POBJOYs

23 Nov 2002

Wm WHITCHURCH (d.1621)

Descendants of the patriarch of this influential local famly

14 Apr 2003


An overview of the structure of the WHITCHURCH family

14 Apr 2003


Parish Register extracts





Candy marriages

Local CANDY marriages

15 Aug 2001

Cornish marriages

CORNISH marriages in Frome, Elm and Marston Bigot

25 Feb 2001

Davis marriages

Davis marriages at Beckington and a couple from Rode and North Bradley

11 Mar 2001

Druce marriages

DRUCE marriages at Frome St John

25 Feb 2001

Hillier marriages

HILLIER marriages, mostly at Nunney All Saints

31 Dec 2001

Hoddinott marriages

Names connected with HODDINOTT marriages in and near Frome

25 Feb 2001

Hooper references

HOOPER Baptisms, Marriages and Burials at Frome St John and MLBs

25 Feb 2001

Horler marriages

Names connected with HORLER marriages in Mells

25 Feb 2001

Hurd marriages

HURD marriages in Frome, Marston and Nunney

25 Feb 2001

Jenkins marriages

JENKINS marriages at Frome St John

26 May 2001

Lidbury marriages

LIDBURY and variant marriages in Frome and nearby villages

24 May 2001

Maggs marriages

Names connected with MAGGS marriages

25 Feb 2001

Moody marriages

Names connected with MOODY and other marriages in Frome

25 Feb 2001

Newport marriages

NEWPORT marriages from Frome St John, Holy Trinity and Christ Church

2 Apr 2001

Pobjoy marriages

Local POBJOY marriages

25 Feb 2001

Rossiter marriages

Names connected with local ROSSITER marriages

25 Feb 2001

Shepherd baptisms

Baptisms of SHEPHERDs and variants at Frome St John, 1558-1812

17 Feb 2003

Silk marriages

SILK marriages in Frome, Marston and Nunney

25 Feb 2001

Trussler marriages

Names connected with Somerset TRUS(S)LER marriages

10 Jun 2000

Young marriages

Names connected with local YOUNG marriages

25 Feb 2001


Other Sources





Boyles of Marston Bigot

BOYLEs from the index to Michael McGarvie's Book of Marston Bigot

20 Dec 2000

Frome Flowers

A bunch of FLOWERs from David Ellis

18 Feb 2006

Come Wind, Come Weather

Index to John Titford’s The Titford Family, 1547-1947

1 Nov 2000

Rimell wills

Edited transcript of wills from RIMELL/RYMELL families

23 Jun 2001

Sheppard Connections

Over 350 names from the late 17th to the 20 century from Derek Gill's Sheppards and C18 Frome:

1 May 2000

Singer wills

Names connected with SINGER wills

17 Jul 2002

Wason family Bible

Over 200 names from an 18th century family history