Civil Society in Frome and its Hundred


The woollen cloth industry


Frome was important as a centre for cloth manufacture and trading for over 300 years, and the town's prosperity rose and fell with that of the woollen cloth industry in the West Country. Its importance as a source of employment was second only to agriculture and associated crafts.

Cloth production involved a long series of processes, at first carried out by skilled artisans, but from the late 18th century on by machine.





Woollen cloth making

Processes involved in the making of woollen cloth


Cloth types

Kinds of cloth made in the West Country


Woollen mills

Names linked with woollen mills in and around Frome

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Other industries


The Beer Trade

References to Innkeepers, Beer Sellers, Brewers, etc. extracted from lists on this site

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Pub Guide

Information about Alehouses, Hotels, Inns and Public Houses and those who worked in them

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Law, Order and Defence


Prisoners in Ilchester Gaol

Local people on the prison registers indexed at Somerset Record Office

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Old Soldiers

Other ranks born in Frome Hundred and discharged to pension

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Receipts by Frome Churchwardens relating to law-breaking, October 1700

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Emigrants to Victoria

Frome emigrants to Victoria, 1839-54

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Somerset Newspapers

Somerset newspapers held by the National Newspaper Library, Colindale, London

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Frome in the Times

References to Frome in the London Times, 1790-1905, with full text of selected articles

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The Establishment


The Royal Clarence Lodge

Extracts from the Membersí book of the Royal Clarence Masonic Lodge in Frome, 1790-1822

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