About this website

I have been researching the surname 'Pobjoy' and its variants for a dozen years now. It started when my daughter Cathy was given a homework of drawing her family tree. Because my Mum was the youngest of an Edwardian family of eleven, that already took us back a long way; and because 'Pobjoy' is so unusual a name, it could be traced fairly readily.

We contacted Pobjoys whose names we found in phone directories, received an enormous amount of help and made many lasting friendships. It was particularly exciting to find two first cousins of my Mum, Reg in Bristol and Charlie in California, and eventually to meet up with them.

Cathy has now long since been pursuing her own areas of research, but I have continued to try to piece together the family history. There are several motives behind this:
*It seems important to me to keep alive the memory of those that have gone before us and indeed to re-member those who have been forgotten.
*In the course of researching the Pobjoy family history I have developed my understanding of people and families, of social psychology and social history. I have long been particulary interested in the Industrial Revolution, and it has been fascinating to view this through the lives of the individuals and families who I feel I have come to know and care about.

A great deal of the information on this website has been gathered from public sources. There are nevertheless issues of privacy in making this information available in one place on the Internet. I have decided not to include specific references to living people under 18 except with permission, and I have used my discretion about what else to keep to myself. Please contact me if you feel unhappy about anything you find on the site.

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