Famous Pobjoys (and some who deserve to be)

The name 'Pobjoy' is probably best known today through the Pobjoy Mint, but a number of Pobjoys, Popjoys and Pobgees have been well-known figures in the past, if only locally.

Bill Pobjoy, b.1921
Douglas Rudolf Pobjoy, 1894-1948
Harold Norman Pobjoy, 1889-1969
Jack Pobjoy, 1904-73
James Pobjay, 1742-1806
John Popjoy, 1800-33
Juliana Popjoy, 1714-77(?)
The Mystery Popjay of Wylye
Reg Pobjoy, 1903-93
William Henry Pobjoy, 1863-1948

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