Branches of the family with no living Pobjoy descendants

Distribution of the name Pobjoy and its variants has changed dramatically over time. In the 17th and 18th centuries there was a massive concentration of Pobjoys in East Somerset and West Wiltshire, but by the 20th century there had been a dispersal to new commercial centres in England, Wales, Australia and the USA. Whole new Pobjoy dynasties have arisen from a single couple settling in a new area. Conversely, occurences of the name decline and sometimes cease where children do not survive, where there are few Pobjoy sons, or where individuals and couples do not have children.

Early Popjoy/Popejoys in Kent
Early Hampshire Pobjoys
The Frome Pobjays 11/9/99
Pobjoys in Bath
The Pobjoys of St George, Hanover Square
The Southwark Pobjays
The Devon Pobjoys

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In Pobjoy genealogy, all roads lead towards Frome. Frustratingly, none of them ever quite get there! There are hundreds of Pobjoy records in 17th and 18th century Frome - the variant Pobjay was common locally - but I have not been able to trace with certainty any of their living descendants.

There are dozens of Frome Pobjoys I have been unable to account for, but there is enough evidence to piece together a speculative outline of how the family grew and then declined with the local woollen cloth trade and associated business.

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